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May 1, 2021

Saturday morning quotes 8.15: New or old?

Our new CD, Unquiet Thoughts, has been making the rounds over the past few weeks and we have been receiving a very positive response to our unique take on English music for voice and lute from circa 1600. This is quite satisfying because we put a great deal of effort into this recording, intentionally aiming […]

August 8, 2020

Mignarda Concert Sets: “Fortuna desperata”

“Chansons, polyphonic settings of elegant but highly formalized and stereotyped French poems, constituted the principal sort of secular music in western Europe during the fifteenth century…Some of the later fifteenth-century composers began to control and manipulate their free-flowing melodic lines by means of a network of motives and by imitation among all the voices, but […]

August 8, 2020

Mignarda Concert Sets: “Fortuna desperata”

May 15, 2020

Saturday morning quotes 7.43: Dowland

Having released our new edition of John Dowland: Complete Ayres for Voice & Lute just last week, we pause to reflect on some of the insights gained performing this magical music over a span of decades, and what we have learned from having touched each and every note of Dowland’s significant body of work for […]

October 29, 2016

Saturday morning quotes 6.24: Magnum mysterium

We are very pleased to announce the November 1st release of our new Christmas CD, Magnum Mysterium, which features four polyphonic settings of the evocative Christmas responsory text and includes other seasonal and contextual music.  The recording is available to pre-order as a digital download on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes, and the CD will be […]

July 2, 2016

Saturday morning quotes 6.7: Decline and fall

Time marches on and change is inevitable.  In recent memory we have seen so many cherished mileposts bulldozed and converted to splinters as we see the well-drained walkable village path of our lives widened and paved over with impermeable macadam; converted to a smooth superhighway lined with looming big box stores. Those of us deeply […]

February 27, 2016

Saturday morning quotes 5.41: Fortuna

The ancient symbolism of Fortune’s Wheel, randomly turned at the capricious whim of the goddess  Fortuna, strikes us as much more appropriate to describe life’s ups and downs than the less reality-based myth that honest  hard work always results in success.  Today more than ever, a successful career is really the result of having been […]

March 21, 2015

Saturday morning quotes 4.45: Original pop

ARRANGEMENT OF VOCAL POLYPHONY FOR SOLO VOICE AND LUTE IS NOT A MODERN DEVICE, BUT THE RESTORATION OF A LOST ART THAT WAS IN COMMON PRACTICE DURING THE 16TH CENTURY. Our energies have of late been diverted from our usual routine, offering us the rare opportunity to pause and take a retrospective look at the sum […]

November 15, 2014

Saturday morning quotes 4.27: Mignardises

We strive to provide timely quotations of interest for our dedicated followers every Saturday, but from time to time our best intentions are derailed by the typical daily catastrophes of 21st-century life. Such is the case this week and we are compelled to draw upon our improvisatory skills in lieu of our intended subject, which […]

June 30, 2012

Saturday morning quotes 2.6: 15th century music

“Fifteenth-century composers apparently conceived their music without regard for certain important elements that have since become an integral part of the the compositional process.  Thus, they left to the imagination of performers the tasks of fitting each syllable of poetry to the music, of adding accidentals, and of creating a specific sonority by selecting appropriate […]