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October 26, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 3.24: Dowland issue

Our selection of Saturday morning quotes includes just a few short snippets that can be found in the Dowland Anniversary issue of Early Music, v. 41, no. 2, May 2013. We urge our readers to follow the links and read the entire publication for a treasure trove of commentary by some of our more astute […]

July 27, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 3.11: What Dowland said

“Euery Plant brings forth his like, and of Musitians, Musike is the fruit.” So begins the dedication in Andreas Ornithoparcus His Micrologus or Introduction:  containing The Art of Singing. Digested into foure bookes. Not onely profitable, but also necessary for all that are studious of musicke. (1609). The book was John Dowland’s thorough translation of Andreas […]

May 4, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.51: Dowland and Morley

As the penultimate post for our second full year of Saturday quotes, we describe a connection between John Dowland and Thomas Morley, and also introduce our reconstruction of one of the best bits frustratingly missing from an important book of lute songs. Thomas Morley (c1557  – 1602) is best remembered as an English exponent of […]

April 13, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.47: Dowland complaints

John Dowland (1563 – 1626) is famous as the greatest exponent of English music for solo lute, and as a composer of some of the best surviving music for lute and voice.  He is also known as a world-class Miserablist. In his preface to the instrumental collection Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans… […]

March 31, 2013

John Dowland: A Pilgrimes Solace. Our new CD is now available!

John Dowland:  A Pilgrimes Solace We are delighted to announce that our new recording of music from John Dowland’s last book of songs,  A Pilgrimes Solace, is now available as a CD or in your choice of a wide variety of digital formats.  The recording will be available through all the usual sites in due […]

March 16, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.43: Singing Dowland, ij

Performing music that was published 400 years ago in a manner that makes sense to listeners today requires a deep understanding of the historical context, but also an empathetic connection with the ears and hearts of a modern audience.   Research and preparation for our recorded survey of songs from John Dowland’s last book, A […]

March 9, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.42: Singing Dowland

As we prepare for the release of our CD of music from John Dowland’s last book of songs, A Pilgrimes Solace, we can’t help but reflect a bit on how we approach the music and why.  The short answer is because we enjoy performing music that was composed for and intended to be communicated in […]

January 26, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.36: Dowland’s patrons

Today’s quotes mine the introductions to John Dowland’s published songbooks, and offer an historical perusal of his own words in the form of written dedications to his patrons. We have remarked in past posts how today’s historians are modifying their view of how the Renaissance came to be.  The rising merchant class wanted to emulate the […]

January 5, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 2.33: Dowland’s anniversary

“What time and diligence I haue bestowed in the search of Musicke, what trauel in forren countries, what successe and estimation euen among strangers I haue found, I leaue to the report of others” – John Dowland, The First Booke of Songes or Ayres (1597) This year marks the passage of 450 years since the […]

December 22, 2012

Saturday quotes 2.31 Dowland Part 9

“…Whether by Dowland or some other author the words [to ‘Flow my teares, fall from your springs’] are fitted to the melody with an exquisitely sensitive ear for the rhythm and rise and fall of the spoken word. “ – Diana Poulton (John Dowland, University of California Press, Berkeley, second edition, 1982, p. 257) We end […]


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