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March 31, 2013

John Dowland: A Pilgrimes Solace. Our new CD is now available!

John Dowland:  A Pilgrimes Solace We are delighted to announce that our new recording of music from John Dowland’s last book of songs,  A Pilgrimes Solace, is now available as a CD or in your choice of a wide variety of digital formats.  The recording will be available through all the usual sites in due […]

June 19, 2020

Saturday morning quotes 7.46: Dowland and Essex

In our age of freely available music, likely purloined from artists by G**gle to be monetized at their corporate discretion, we seem to have a diminished sense of the value of a good song and the way it can seep into the consciousness of the listener to effectively tell a story, describe an event, or […]

May 23, 2020

Saturday morning quotes 7.44: Dowland’s texts

As a dazzling performer on the lute, John Dowland gained a reputation in courtly circles as a songwriter who could set great—and sometimes not so great—poetry that would most certainly be  heard by the most delicate, discerning and despotic ears.  Employing a superstar musician to showcase one’s wit and worth was an essential aspect of […]

May 15, 2020

Saturday morning quotes 7.43: Dowland

Having released our new edition of John Dowland: Complete Ayres for Voice & Lute just last week, we pause to reflect on some of the insights gained performing this magical music over a span of decades, and what we have learned from having touched each and every note of Dowland’s significant body of work for […]

May 8, 2020

Saturday morning quotes 7.42: Dowland Lute songs

Last week’s Unquiet Thoughts closed with a promise of more on the theme of lute songs, and today we can finally announce the news that, after years of concentrated work, our new edition, John Dowland: Complete Ayres for Voice & Lute is now available.  The music has been carefully transcribed, edited for accuracy, formatted for […]

November 16, 2019

Saturday morning quotes 7.29: Dowland looms large

“How hard an enterprise it is, in this skillfull and curious age, to commit our priuate labours to the publike viewe…” – John Dowland, “To the courteous Reader”, The First Booke of Songs or Ayres, 1597. We are back for a brief post after having had an unexpectedly full schedule over the summer.  The locale […]

December 17, 2016

Saturday morning quotes 6.31: Performing Dowland

Although ’tis the season for that particularly tactless style of unapologetic American commercialism, we sidestep the sales talk, share a video of a recent performance, and reflect upon one of the primary reasons we began performing as a duo—the ayres for voice and lute by John Dowland (1563 – 1626).  Although we have released only […]

November 7, 2015

Saturday morning quotes 5.25: Dowland leads the way

Those of us interested in the more obscure corners of historical music from Elizabethan times owe a debt of gratitude to Edmund Horace Fellowes (1870 – 1951).  Fellowes unearthed, studied, transcribed and published an enormous amount of historical music, including Tudor Church Music, madrigals, and thirty-two volumes of English lute songs, making all available for […]

October 3, 2015

Saturday morning quotes 5.20: Dowland and Context

Our weekly posts are unapologetically focused on vocal music of the 16th century and the lute as it was regarded in its golden age; an emblem for all that was civilized and sophisticated, refined and nuanced.  Firmly committed to providing contextual references, we hope we might steer today’s lutenists away from their classical guitarist roots […]

October 26, 2013

Saturday morning quotes 3.24: Dowland issue

Our selection of Saturday morning quotes includes just a few short snippets that can be found in the Dowland Anniversary issue of Early Music, v. 41, no. 2, May 2013. We urge our readers to follow the links and read the entire publication for a treasure trove of commentary by some of our more astute […]