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March 14, 2018

PayMeThe dense fog begins to lift, the swirling mists wisp away and we emerge from a very long silence.  We’ve had our reasons, including a momentous move and tiresome medical maladies that seem to pile on like negative comments on an internet forum.  But we return nevertheless.  Think of this post as a slight tremor of an awakening volcano.

The real reason for today’s post is to make mention of an important milestone.  Nearly seven years ago, we posted a video of Donna singing the last two verses of the Pange lingua hymn, beginning with Tantum ergo sacramentum.  It was among Donna’s first efforts to create a video with Windows software, and it was nothing less than an absolute time-sucking bother that would have collapsed in on itself completely if she had tried to edit the video and (for instance) put the correct music to the chant.  But we figured the video would not get much traffic, and thought it best to just post it so people could hear the chant.  We discussed the experience in more detail a few years ago in a blog post here.

It turns out that the video did receive some traffic: A million views as of February 11, 2018, in fact.  And some 41,000 more over the past month.

We’re very pleased that a million listeners have had the chance to hear Gregorian chant sung with depth and intelligence in a woman’s voice.  So, we should now be millionaires, right?  If we even received one cent for every view, that $10,000 would go a long way towards mitigating the ever-rising cost of living for dedicated professional musicians.  In nearly seven years, we have barely made $100 from the video, at a rate of around $0.0001 per view.  In plain terms, not very much.

Someone makes money from Youtube videos.  But it is certainly not artists.

While we celebrate the number of listeners who have had a chance to hear Donna sing, and we are motivated to continue making our music accessible, we want to remind the world that live music is best. We have a series of concerts planned for 2018, several with our new vocal ensemble, and we invite all who appreciate live music to get in touch and inquire when and where.

Meanwhile, Donna has posted a new(ish) video of Ave regina caelorum in honor of our now not being millionaires.

We will return to our usual programming very soon.


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