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December 8, 2015

OK.  The entire world has gone mad within recent memory but now  things have really gone a bit too far.

 A recent article that actually seems to be an advert in disguise describes a “performance artist” (who will remain unnamed here) with a new and improved approach to experiencing music.  The audience is ushered into a locker room where they unburden themselves of all tech gadgets.  They are then given noise-cancelling headphones that must be worn for 30 minutes to prepare the ears for a “mindful” listening experience while lounging in a semi-recumbent pose in a specially assigned seat.  Members of the audience are then subjected to the full cycle of Bach’s Goldberg Variations played on piano.  There is no mention of the ticket price.

We are certain many will travel to New York City and pay a hefty sum for this listening experience because it’s NEW and it’s ART.  Alternatively, we can guide you to certain neighborhoods where you need only stand around on a corner for a few minutes and you will be relieved of all your tech toys and wallet as well.  Or you can just read what we write here about “mindful” listening (for free) and come to one of our concerts (for a paltry sum) and experience quiet introspective music without the silly games.  And you can keep your tech toys as long as you turn them off for the duration.  Or you can stay at home and listen to Glenn Gould.


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  1. Sounds a bit like Stockhausen who composed a piece where the audience lie in sun loungers whilst helicopters fly over head. I’d love to be able to come to one of your concerts but sadly live too far away.

    • Thank you for your comment, Monica. Stockhausen. Helicopters. They call them “ghetto birds” in some neighborhoods nearby.

      It seems there are some of us who love early music for the musical content and others who see it as just another genre with possibilities as wacky performance art. We fall into the former category, and we wish we lived closer as well.

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