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Tunes from the Heart of the Valley

November 7, 2015

This is just a short post to let folks know that we are making available a good quality version of Tunes from the Heart of the Valley, music from a recording made in 1983 by exemplary fiddler, Jon Bekoff with Ron Andrico, banjo.

As was the case with many repertoire tapes from days gone by, this one was copied and re-copied again and again, passed from hand to hand and eventually sounding as scratchy as any old field recording. For your listening pleasure, we have decided to release the versions from the original master tape as a tribute to Jon, who passed away far too soon on June 15, 2015. The Bandcamp format does not allow us to list the tracks as free but we’re confident folks will figure the system out.  We will be adding the full complement of tracks as we have time, so check the site later.

For a bit of background on Jon and the recording, read our earlier blog post:

And find the recording on our Bandcamp site here:

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