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Cats love Gregorian Chant

July 13, 2014

Connecting listeners with recordings of rare historical music for voice and lute is an enormously difficult task.  Valuable time that should be devoted to research and rehearsal is instead channeled to the thankless task of completing online forms with database information and uploading high quality sound files to various distributors, all of whom have their own peculiar formats and requirements.  It’s no wonder the larger record labels dedicate numerous staff and ample budgets to glitzy marketing efforts that describe world premiere recordings, virtuoso performers, new and exciting fresh-faced artists.

After nine previous CDs and still zero marketing budget, we are here to tell you that promoting a new live recording of solo Gregorian chant hymns and Marian antiphons is an even greater challenge than we ever imagined.  That is, until we received a gift in the form of a testimonial from a cat named Lady and her minion, lutenist and lover of good music, Thomas Schall, who wrote from Switzerland and posted the photo below:


“The Lady listening to Donna Stewart’s  voice on “Adoro Te” – usually she leaves when I put on music…She seems to enjoy Donna’s singing! It has been interesting to watch her as she seems to listen to the music.”

“BTW I can recommend this CD wholeheartedly – A complete recording for voice alone. The first production of that kind I really enjoyed listening in one run.”

– Thomas Schall

As anyone who is online for more than a nanosecond knows, cats rule the internet.  If you don’t have this important recording for your cat, you are surely depriving said feline of a necessary meditative tool.

Adoro Te is available directly from the artist at:

There is a promotional video with sample tracks and descriptive images of the recording and the venue here. Downloads are now available from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and  all the usual sources.  If you want to know more about the music and this particular recording, just write and ask.

UPDATE: Adoro Te received a nice review by Mary Jane Ballou on the Chant Cafe. You can find it here.

  1. I currently have a cat who seems to like early music. My group, Cassiopeia, meets every Wednesday morning in my living room to rehearse. Every week, Furr rouses himself from his morning nap to listen to us. He shows no interest in recorded music, but likes live music. He’s not particularly interested in the people; he just listens, he doesn’t socialize.

    Many years ago I thought another cat was interested in a recording of Gregorian chant I was playing. She came and sat right in front of the speaker. Joining her, I realized that this was a live recording in a monastery, and she could hear birds singing outside where the recording was made; she had no interest in the music.

    • Thanks, Geoff – what a riot! In that case, I guess we ought to be marketing our Christmas CD to cats…while we were recording it (in July) there was a nest full of fledgelings outside the studio, who made such a racket we had to do many more takes than we wanted to. We’ll have to try it out.

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