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Saturday morning quotes 3.52: Art is for all

May 10, 2014

This post marks the conclusion of three full years of weekly Saturday morning quotes.  While our subject matter frequently draws upon the wisdom of the ancients, from time to time we are compelled to comment on current events and attitudes that affect the way we impose the aesthetics of old music upon modern ears.

As we conclude this eventful year and look hopefully to a less troublesome future, we note with disappointment that today’s economic issues are seriously affecting the status of the arts, rendering them inaccessible to the 99-percent.

“The dehumanisation of a class is about more than grinding away at their jobs, education and health. It’s also about the erosion of their spirit, voice and hinterland. In this way, it’s horrifying that the working classes appear to be being “bred out” of key branches of the arts; at the very least priced out.”

– Barbara Ellen, “After Bob Hoskins, it’s curtains for working-class actors these days”

While the financial burden of surviving as an artist is in fact limiting the very nature of art that is available, we remain committed to presenting our music as an example of how low-technology art fulfills our human need for communication of honest emotional content.

The first of our three recording projects for 2014 is now available, and it represents the purest form of honest and direct music – a solo voice recorded live with no electronic enhancements.

Experience this recording of music in its purest form, and help preserve working-class artistry by buying the recording directly from the artist.

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  1. Thanks for your comments, Tom. You seem to capture the essence of the main themes that we agree make the aesthetics of old music, at best, an awkward fit in today’s culture – especially in the US. The irony is that people today have a desperate need to experience honest representations of deep emotional content, whether they accept the fact or not. Unless an artist is able to devote sufficient time, attention and emotional energy to produce an authentic representation of art of any type, the art is not fully developed. Since artists who are not lucky enough to have been born into opportunity are now dropping like flies, we’re left with empty, lifeless and electronically-manufactured representations of art created by less talented imitators who are really producing “selfies”. And yes, this contributes to the truly tiresome epidemic of narcissism we experience here in the US.

    We are working-class artists who work tirelessly in order to survive and create in an environment where the end result is needed but undervalued. Madness, perhaps. But we continue to receive feedback from around the globe by Kenner und Liebhaber – people who “get” who we are and what we do – and that feedback is our sustenance.


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