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The hits keep coming

March 17, 2014

This is a short post to toast the news that Donna’s video of the chant, Tantum ergo sacramentum has not only broken 100,000 views, but has received more than 5,000 hits over the past two weeks.  Just last year at this time, the video had around 600 views.

In our very small world of independent performers of early music, not represented by an agent, unaffiliated with major organizations (and our mom does not set up all of our gigs), this represents a huge response to our music.  The positive response is a strong indication that listeners want to hear simple, unadorned and heartfelt music that moves them.

When we posted the video, we had absolutely no idea that it would have such an overwhelming reception.  Donna had just figured out how to incorporate moving images into a video using a free windows software, and found it so time-consuming and utterly, ridiculously unusable (NSA – pass that on to Microsoft) that, when one or two alternate images of chant were used by mistake, we decided to ignore them thinking that the video was not likely to get much traffic.

Well, it turns out we were wrong.  The video image oversight in no way undermines a truly thorough understanding of the interpretation of chant reinforced by nearly 20 years of practical performance in the proper liturgical context.  But to atone for the one or two alternate images of chant in the video, we have decided to publish a booklet to accompany Donna’s new chant CD, Adoro Te.  The booklet will contain all the chants included on the recording, carefully edited and newly set in the appropriate notation with clearly legible texts.

The CD and booklet will be a very useful learning tool for the many people who have recently become interested in Gregorian chant.  The recording and booklet are scheduled for release in late Spring 2014, and we invite inquiries.

UPDATE: As of December 31, 2016, hits to Donna’s video of Tantum Ergo have reached upwards of 615, 358.  Thanks for your support.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  As of February 2018, Donna’s video has had over a million views.  More on this momentous event here, and thank you for your support.

  1. Sara Stewart permalink

    I’d love to have a copy of “Adoro Te”! Please notify me when it’s available.
    Sara Stewart

  2. resourcedragon . permalink

    Are you referring to the Microsoft Movie Maker? I downloaded it on Saturday (3rd attempt – even the download wasn’t entirely straight forward). The earlier version was rather easier to use than the current version.



    • Hi, Erika – yes, it was an oldish version of Movie Maker – 2.something. I can’t say I’m very pleased with a single thing I managed to produce with it. Hope you have better luck!

      – Donna

  3. Mark Seifert permalink

    Great News! Congratulations!

  4. Victor Edebe permalink


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