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Sfumato: Our new CD is available to pre-order!

May 27, 2011


We love this blog format, which enables us to share ideas and insights about the music we care so much about.  But occasionally we must fold in a bit of sales talk because the business of music is really what keeps us going.

Sfumato, our latest CD, is nearly ready, and we’re very pleased with this high-resolution recording with its stunning live sound.  We’ve posted previously about how we have finally arrived at an ideal recording venue and format, partnering with an empathetic and versatile engineer, Grammy Award-winning Will Russell, who seems to genuinely love what we do.  Our recording setup involves painstakingly careful placement of a single pair of customized microphones to capture our sound from the intimacy of our usual performing position, enabling us to communicate and deliver exactly what we strive for in a live performance.

Donna designed our cover to amplify the theme of the music, featuring the beautiful illustration of Jupiter and Io (c. 1532) by Antonio Allegri Correggio (c. 1489-1534).  The original painting, owned by the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and reproduced with permission, is a fine example of the technique of sfumato, depicting lovelorn seducer Jupiter spreading a dark fog across the land to prevent Io from escaping his embrace.

Music on the CD includes several settings of the poetry of Petrarch by Bartolomeo Tromboncino and Philippe Verdelot, also featuring gems and rarities by Marco Cara, Sebastiano Festa, Hippolito Tromboncino, and Luca Marenzio.  Lute solos are sensitively interspersed among the songs and include recercari by Francesco Spinacino, Marco Dall’ Aquila, Antonio Rotta, Giovanni da Crema, and Francesco da Milano.

We think the recording is our best yet, and we hope you’ll agree. You may pre-order today for shipping on June 30th and be among the first to hear it. Order by June 15th, and we’ll list your name among other patrons of the arts in the liner notes.

Click here for more information and a sampling of sound clips.

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